What are the benefits of a postpartum doula?

Studies show that mothers who receive postpartum support are less likely to develop postpartum depression and are more likely to breastfeed their babies longer. The support that a postpartum doula provides decreases feelings of isolation and can help parents feel confident in their ability to parent their new child. Personally, one of my goals is to help you feel present and mindful during this unique time.

What does a typical visit look like?

A typical visit will start with a discussion - how have things been going, how can I help you today? From there, I will work to satisfy your needs, whatever they may be. This could include anything from chatting, help with breastfeeding, a walk around the block, hanging out with your babe while you nap, etc. Before I leave, I will make sure you have what you need or know how to get it.

Do you offer virtual support?

Yes! In times when in-person support is not possible, I am happy to connect with your via video chat! This kind of support provides the opportunity for connection, trouble-shooting and peace of mind in difficult times. See Packages for details!

If I'm interested in working with you, what do I do next?

Please reach out via the contact form and I will get in touch with you as soon as possible to set up a consultation. During this time, we can talk about your needs and expectations, figure out logistics and make sure that any questions you have are answered. There is no charge for this consultation. I look forward to meeting you!

When would you work with us?

This is really up to you ! Some families want support from day one, others would like doula support later on, perhaps after visiting family members have left. Normally, a visit is a minimum of 4 hours. How often these visits occur and for how long is something that we will figure out together!  Please see the Packages page for more info.


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