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Kat the Doula

Postpartum Doula Support
Lactation Support


Welcome. Breathe. You are here.

The postpartum period is often defined as the 6 weeks following birth, or the amount of time it takes for a person's body to return to its pre-pregnant state. We know, however, that the period of adjustment after a new baby lasts much longer and encompasses much more than physical change. New emotions, relationships, challenges and identities make this an amazing, incredibly special, and often challenging time of life. Enter the postpartum doula.

The postpartum doula's role is to provide physical, emotional, informational and household support after the birth of a child. This is done through working with the family in their home. The doula's goal is to help new parents ease into their new stage of life by helping the birthing parent recover and supporting the family in a non-judgmental, objective way so they feel empowered to care for their new babe.

A personal passion of mine is helping new parents really be able to experience this time in an intentional way. It can be hard to do this when you feel isolated, overwhelmed or over-tired. I hope that the care I provide will give you the opportunity to truly be present.

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