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Cannot recommend enough. Thanks to her, my husband and I not only survived the fourth trimester, but thrived. She projected warmth, knowledge, and understanding. As first time parents, we were plagued with constant worry and anxiety, but no question was too basic or beyond the scope of Kat's expertise and compassion. Her assistance spanned everything from meal preparation, laundry, as well as helpful referrals related to breastfeeding, support groups, and parenting philosophies. Kat's influence has not only immediately benefited my partner and myself, but will leave a lasting, positive impact on our family.


Kat is a warm and caring person who is very good at listening. Becoming a first time parent is so hard and she was there for us via text and in person for all of our questions. She's able to be honest without scaring you, funny without minimizing your feelings, and open-minded. She was exactly what we needed during our moments of great vulnerability. We never once felt judged when we shared our feelings or asked silly questions. We are so lucky we had her!


Kat was just the thoughtful, grounded, and insightful person that I needed during my most recent post partum experience which happened sooner than I had expected post miscarriage. She so gently noticed so may small details of our day-to-day needs and jumped right in to take care of them. She is also an amazing chef!!
Kat nurtured us and nourished us in the deepest of ways during a period of complex grief and appreciation, all at once. Our 5yr old still asks about her now and then and hopes she will be back, as do we. I couldn’t have recovered physically nor emotionally without her help. We are forever grateful.


Kat the doula is an absolute life-saver! I had her to help me with my first newborn back in 2020, and she was amazing in making sure that I got the rest I needed as a first time mom and gave me all the valuable tips I asked for. This year in 2022, I had her again for my second baby, and she was just as amazing as she was with my first born. Having her around to watch my second child, so I could spend quality time with my toddler gave me great peace of mind—I hadn’t been able to give as much as attention to my toddler as I could for the first few weeks of my second child’s life. She also was of great aid in helping me navigate through motherhood of two young children and even helped find a routine that worked for both my kids! My toddler was so comfortable with her and enjoyed her company as well! On top of that, I had so much unfolded laundry on the bed in the guest room, and she went there to fold all of them without having me to ask her and that included other chores! Truly an angel for all parents in need of rest!”


I met with Kat a few weeks before my daughter was born and then as needed, periodically after she was born. Her guidance and support is thoughtful and applicable, and she made me smile on even the hardest, most sleep deprived days postpartum. Kat is a bright light when you need it most! Her postpartum plan got my husband and I talking about things we hadn't yet thought of which made for a smooth transition home with our newborn. A year later, I still meet with Kat for lactation support and connection with someone who just gets it. Since I live four hours away, Kat and I meet virtually. I can only image how immensely helpful she would be in person! Kat's service has been one of the best self-care experiences for me, and when I feel better, I can be better for my family. We could all use a little bit of Kat's warmth! I cannot recommend working with Kat enough!


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