Every family is different - some would like just a little help getting settled in the early days, and others would benefit from postpartum care spread out over a few months. I'm sure we can work out a plan that is best for you! Service requires a $150 retainer fee, which will count toward your total fee.

COVID-19 Virtual Support - $30/hr, 1 hour minimum (no retainer fee)

In-person Daytime support - $30/hr, minimum 4 hours per visit

In-person Overnight support - $35/hr, minimum 10 hours per visit

Or choose from the following discounted packages!



Ready, Steady, Go!

This packages includes three 4-hour visits during first two weeks after delivery (12 hours total). This can be an intense time of physical recovery, breastfeeding, lack of sleep and learning to read your babe's cues. I will support you with all of this and more. If you like, I will also help you to record and process your birth story. This is a perfect option for new parents and those who had a difficult birth. Additional daytime visits can be added to suit your needs!


Pick & Mix

This package gives you 24 hours of daytime visits (min 4 hours each visit) during the first four weeks after delivery. How you spread out your time is up to you! These visits can serve as refreshing resets for yourselves and household. This is also an important time for setting a solid breastfeeding foundation - I'm happy to help with that!


Night Owl

This packages provides three 10-hour visits of overnight support (30 hours total). During these visits, the primary goal is your sleep. I will bring the babe to the nursing parent for nighttime feeds and soothe them back to sleep afterward. I will also work on laundry, dishes or food prep for you during this time.


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