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Lactation Support

Every breastfeeding/chestfeeding person has their own experience - part of the beauty of a nursing relationship is that it is uniquely yours and can look however you want it to look. One thing that is almost universal, though, is the need for support. Figuring things out in the beginning, separating fact from myth and getting started off positively can be huge challenges! I became certified as a CLC because I am fascinated with all things lactation and want to empower those who choose to nurse their babies.

Lactation consultations are flexible to meet your needs. We can assess your baby's latch, discuss any concerns about pain or milk supply you may have, talk about integrating nursing in with your life, pumping and milk storage, whatever you need.

Consultations can occur during postpartum visits or can be scheduled independently

($50/hr, 1 hr minimum)

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