As your postpartum doula, it is my pleasure to help you in whatever way is best for you.
I am here to educate, support, encourage and empower you! These services will be available to you during my visits to your home and via text/email during the duration of our time together.
I am happy to serve you using English or American Sign Language :)

Physical Support

  • Assistance with perineal healing/c-section recovery

  • Breastfeeding support

  • Nutritious snack and meal preparation

  • Care for child while parents rest

  • Help with babywearing

  • Assistance on outings

  • An extra set of hands to help with anything!

Emotional Support

  • Listening without judgement

  • Validating your joys and concerns

  • Encouraging bonding with new child

  • Watching for signs of postpartum depression

  • Discussing various options and supporting your choices

  • Care for child while parents take personal time

  • Support for non-birthing partner

  • Strategies for positive family communication

Informational Support

  • Sharing techniques on feeding, bathing, dressing, etc.

  • Information on newborn norms and development

  • Providing evidence-based information on any topic

  • Sharing of local resources and support groups

  • Information on baby gear

  • Providing resources for partner

  • Help with navigating information available online

Household Support

  • Pet care

  • Laundry

  • Light housework

  • Nursery and supply organization

  • Spending time with other children

  • Taking photos for you

What does a postpartum doula not do?

  • Diagnose or interpret medical conditions

  • Administer medicines

  • Perform clinical procedures

  • Take over complete care of children

  • Transport family members

  • Act as a nanny or house-keeper

While these tasks are beyond my scope of practice, I will be happy to provide resources and referrals to those who are equipped to meet these needs. Knowing who to turn to in specialized situations is one of a postpartum doulas most important responsibilities!


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